Climate Talks 23.05 – 18.07.2024

Klimapakt Karlsruhe organizes lecture series on climate protection topics

Klimapakt Karlsruhe organizes Climate Talks 2024.

When? The events always take place on Thursdays from 18:30 to 20:00.

Where? At the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), Karlstraße 11, 76133 Karlsruhe. To the directions

All events are free of charge and registration is not required.

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How does good climate protection work? This question may seem simple at first glance, but it is anything but easy to answer. It quickly becomes clear that it is not just about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Climate protection should also be fair, take into account the most important polluters and fields of action and involve the people affected. Time to take a closer look at this question and get talking about it!

Against this backdrop, the Karlsruhe Climate Pact invites all interested parties to the Climate Talks event series. Together with those present, very different climate issues will be examined from the perspective of research and practice: To what extent can the protection of the atmosphere and the idea of a good life be brought together? What contribution can canteens in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area make? Or: How can agriculture and solar energy be combined?

In addition to exciting inputs, the space is opened up to discuss the respective topics together.

The program

23.05.2024Let’s become sustainable! Cultural change for sustainability and climate protectionDr. Oliver Parodi, KIT
06.06.2024The state of climate-neutral mobility at universities – balancing the transport-related GHG emissions of universitiesProf. Jochen Eckart, HKA
13.06.2024Agri-photovoltaics – opportunities and challengesProf. Klemens Gintner, HKA
20.06.2024Should researchers still travel?Marius Albiez, KIT
27.06.2024On the way to climate neutrality in the city administration of KarlsruheDr. Katharina Langer, City of Karlsruhe
04.07.2024Green forks, global impact: Our plate as a tool for climate protectionPia Laborgne, Wanda Wieczorek, KIT
11.07.2024Sustainable urban development with the support of the doughnut economyIoannis Theocharis, Karlshochschule
18.07.2024Sustainable climate protection – full power for the futureDr. Volker Stelzer, Anna König, KIT

Brief descriptions of the presentations

23.05.2024: Let’s become sustainable! Cultural change for sustainability and climate protection

What does sustainability mean? Why is a sustainability transformation needed and how can it succeed? In his lecture, Dr. Oliver Parodi explains the basic concepts of sustainability, places them in the context of human history and shows ways towards a sustainable future and a culture of sustainability. Climate protection is introduced as an important element of an urgently needed sustainability transformation.

06.06.2024: The state of climate-neutral mobility at universities – balancing the transport-related GHG emissions of universities

In order to plan the path towards climate-neutral mobility at universities, it is necessary to balance the current GHG emissions. Only on the basis of such a balance sheet does it become clear which levers can be used for climate-neutral mobility. The specific challenges for the GHG accounting of universities are outlined. A proposal is made for the methodological approach to the balance sheet. Finally, it is shown which concepts can be derived from the results of the GHG balancing.

13.06.2024: Agri-photovoltaics – opportunities and challenges

The lecture will examine the question of how photovoltaics and agriculture can be combined – i.e. the sensible linking of electrical energy supply and agriculture. Initial experiences in agrivoltaic systems in fruit growing and viticulture are presented and briefly evaluated.

20.06.2024: Should researchers still travel?

Business trips are responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions at universities. Against this backdrop, universities and research institutions continue to fuel climate change. The research sector should therefore help to make business trips more climate-friendly, for example by avoiding them. At the same time, business trips are an elementary component of scientific exchange and may be necessary to collect research data on site. On this evening, we would like to look together at how climate protection and good research conditions can be considered together.

27.06.2024: On the way to climate neutrality in the city administration of Karlsruhe

This presentation highlights the steps that the city administration of Karlsruhe is planning to take to become climate-neutral by 2040, based on the 2030 climate protection concept. The transformation towards a climate-neutral city administration is being achieved through various measures. This includes renovation roadmaps for buildings and facilities, the expansion of photovoltaics on all suitable roofs, the reduction of vehicles in the fleet and the transition to vehicles with alternative drive systems, the reduction of business trips by car and air travel, raising employee awareness of climate-friendly working and sustainable procurement.

04.07.2024: Green forks, global impact: our plate as a tool for climate protection

Nutrition is an important lever for climate protection. With every food purchase, every preparation step and every meal, we make decisions that affect the climate. But what is a climate-friendly diet and how can we succeed in feeding the region in a climate-friendly way? The presentation will cover everything from individual decisions on communal catering to the sustainable transformation of supply chains.

11.07.2024: Sustainable settlement development with the support of the doughnut economy

Land use conflicts have intensified in recent years, particularly due to changes in national energy policy. The increased awareness that land is a finite resource has led to conflicts between different sectors such as settlement/transport, agriculture, forestry and nature conservation. The presentation will use the specific example of the village of Girbelsrath in the municipality of Merzenich in North Rhine-Westphalia to illustrate the conflict between the demand-oriented expansion of housing development and the sustainability strategy of the municipality of Merzenich, which is rooted in the concept of the donut economy.

18.07.2024: Sustainable climate protection – full of energy for the future

Despite the generally high level of support for climate protection, there is always resistance to individual climate protection measures. This can be due to a lack of information or misunderstandings, for example. In other cases, there are unintended effects of climate protection measures that have negative consequences for some or several people, such as rising ancillary costs due to the operation of a new heating system. In this presentation, we would like to address such negative as well as positive consequences of climate protection measures. The focus is on the future of Karlsruhe’s energy supply.

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About the Karlsruhe Climate Pact

The Karlsruhe Climate Pact is an initiative of the city of Karlsruhe and the eight local universities. Together, they make a sustainable contribution to achieving net greenhouse gas neutrality. The Research & Teaching working group has launched the Climate Talks lecture series.

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