Re-Direction Kick-Off-Meeting in Georgia, Tbilisi: March 19 – 21

With a ceremonial opening by the project partner Georgian International University, the more than 30 participants were introduced to the upcoming 3-year project duration. Thanks to joint discussion rounds, presentations and team-building activities, we were able to gain a better understanding of the needs of different partner universities of the Re-Direction project, reflect together on the goals and perspectives of the project and plan initial implementation steps.

The visit to the Georgian Ministry of Education and the presentation by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education gave us a deeper insight into the higher education landscape of the two partner countries. In addition, we were even introduced to quality management and accreditation processes in the post-Soviet countries, which have also been integrated into the Bologna Process and are orientated towards European standards.

The meeting was rounded off with a visit to another partner university, Caucasus University. As Karlshochschule had already signed a cooperation agreement with this university in the past to organise student exchangeres, we were very pleased to be able to get an idea of the situation on site and intensify our cooperation.

The many discussions, especially with the Ukrainian partners about their current situation and their efforts to fulfil their teaching duties, at least digitally, as well as the challenges faced by those universities in Georgia that teach students from the so-called “occupied” regions, have once again made us more aware of the relevance of the project. The aim of Re-Direction is to strengthen academic staff from Georgia and Ukraine with innovative forms of teaching and to enable them to redesign and update curricula. The focus is on three key areas: Digitalisation, sustainability and inclusivity.

Last but not least, we were also introduced to the culinary and cultural customs of Georgia and were able to enjoy the wonderful hospitality of our Georgian host.

The CBHE project is coordinated by Karlshochschule and takes place within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, co-financed by the European Union.