International Relations (B.A.) | Development Studies

Bachelor’s degree program

You believe that we need to know how global prosperity and poverty are created and what you can do to make a difference. You want to understand how economic, ecological, social and political processes are linked to development. If you want to think about achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals in different global contexts and explore non-Western approaches to tackling poverty, inequality and environmental problems, you’ve come to the right place.

The course focuses on understanding the interrelationships between international politics and economics, ecology and ethics, legal regulations and cultural concepts as well as the art of diplomatic negotiations. The course integrates practical projects and practical skills. As part of a semester abroad, you can deepen your skills at one of our partner universities and acquire practical specialist knowledge that is essential for tackling current development challenges.

Career Opportunities

  • Foreign diplomat
  • Representative for sustainability policy
  • Development consultant
  • Coordinator for humanitarian programs
  • Coordinator of development programs
  • Employee of the United Nations or the European Union

Head of degree program

Prof. Dr. Anthony Teitler

International Relations | Development Studies – Everything at a glance

Application deadline

EU: Sept. 1, non-EU: July 15 or later, depending on the visa process of the home country

Start of studies

End of September

Duration of study

6 semesters

Tuition fee

EU: 790 € / month
Non-EU: 1090 € / month

ECTS points


Teaching language

English + other language courses


Company projects, practical semester and semester abroad


Mondays to Fridays (and block seminars)

Study structure: International Relations | Development Studies

Every module in the Bachelor’s degree program in International Relations | Development Studies at Karlshochschule opens up a new and exciting world for me. When I look at the module overview, I also discover how the contents of my degree program are linked together in a meaningful way and how International Relations is thus revealed to me as a whole.

International Relations | Development Studies – Structure first year – 60 ECTS

  • 6 ECTS – Global Economy
  • 5 ECTS – Organizational Environment
  • 6 ECTS – Introduction to Management
  • 5 ECTS – Responsible Practices
  • 8 ECTS – Introduction to Scientific Research Methods
  • 4 ECTS – English / German as a Foreign Language 1.1
  • 6 ECTS – Global Teams and Organizational Cultures
  • 6 ECTS – Transforming Global Value Chains
  • 5 ECTS – Strategy as Theory and Practice
  • 5 ECTS – Community Project
  • 4 ECTS – English / German as a Foreign Language 1.2

International Relations | Development Studies – second year – 60 ECTS

  • 6 ECTS – Sustainable Finance: Decolonizing Money Flows
  • 6 ECTS – Area Studies
  • 6 ECTS – Resources: Financial Resources, Human Resources, Organization
  • 6 ECTS – Introductory Company and Consulting Project
  • 6 ECTS – Foreign Language 2.1
  • 6 ECTS – International Marketing Decolonizing Customer Relations
  • 6 ECTS – Change & Learning
  • 6 ECTS – Controlling, Accounting & Reporting
  • 6 ECTS – Enhanced Company and Consulting Project
  • 6 ECTS – Foreign Language 2.2

International Relations | Development Studies – third year – 60 ECTS

  • 6 ECTS – Current Issues in International Business
  • 6 ECTS – Regional Aspects of Management
  • 6 ECTS – Management Elective
  • 6 ECTS – International Project
  • 6 ECTS – Elective: Foreign Language 2.3 / Host Language
  • 18 ECTS – Internship Project
  • 12 ECTS – Bachelor Thesis incl. its Defense

The fascinating world of the Bachelor’s degree program in International Relations

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Bachelor’s degree program in International Relations! Your decision to start this course is an exciting step into a globalized and networked future. In the coming years, you will not only acquire knowledge, but also broaden your perspectives and develop personally.

The path you take will lead you through a wide range of topics that not only cover the basics of business management, but also offer an international focus. You will delve into the depths of the global economy and learn to understand how different cultures, markets and business practices are intertwined. This understanding will not only increase your career opportunities, but also shape you as open-minded, cosmopolitan individuals.

It is quite normal to feel a little overwhelmed at the beginning of such an adventure. The variety of subjects, the challenges in foreign language skills and the demands on intercultural communication may seem challenging at times. But it is precisely in these moments of doubt that you will have the opportunity to grow and overcome your own limitations.

Remember that you are not alone. Your teaching staff, consisting of dedicated and experienced professors, lecturers and guest lecturers, will support and encourage you. The community of your fellow students becomes a source of inspiration and collaboration. There will be moments of triumph when you overcome challenges together, as well as times when you can rely on each other to overcome obstacles.

Your commitment to this degree program shows that you are ready to conquer the world of international business. Take the opportunities that come your way to broaden your horizons and discover your passions. Every lecture, every project and every intercultural exchange will help shape you into a strong, competent force in the global job market.

In the coming years, you will not only become experts in your field, but also develop a deeper understanding of the world and its many challenges. Enjoy this journey, celebrate your successes and learn from the challenges. You are on your way to an exciting future in international business!

Best regards and best wishes for your studies,

Your Karls!