For schools

They have almost made it: another generation of students is about to graduate from high school – now they have to make the transition to university and work. As head teacher, bogy and orientation teacher, you are also responsible for this. We support you in successfully taking this important step … Details

For sponsors

I imagine this investment will pay off for a lifetime. As a private university sponsored by a non-profit foundation, we operate as an entrepreneur – risk included. External funding is a central pillar of our financial sustainability in teaching and research. With every donation, we can not only improve the … Details

For youth associations and youth initiatives

We want to network with civil society groups that represent the values we stand for at Karlshochschule: Diversity, international cooperation, responsible business, sustainability, gender equality and social justice. Civic engagement is a matter close to our hearts and we want to support young people who are involved in these groups … Details

Karls Alumni e.V.

I imagine that I will build my future on a shared past. I believe that one of the most important aspects of the university experience is the relationships that are built along the way. At the Karls, we want to strengthen and maintain these enriching connections before and after graduation. … Details