Student Representation (StuV)

I imagine my opinion will be amplified here.

The student representatives at Karlshochschule have a wide range of tasks. As a team, we try to represent the students of Karlshochschule in all matters, to help them and to communicate and mediate between them and the university.

The StuV is democratically elected by the student body at the beginning of the winter semester and has a term of office of two semesters.

We have an open door policy and would like to encourage all students to give constructive feedback or contribute ideas at any time in order to continuously improve the conditions at our university. We have already implemented a wide variety of projects, such as the student kitchen and unisex toilets.

We represent the interests of our fellow students in the Appointments Committee, the Examination Board, the Quality Committee and the Faculty Council and play our part in improving our university. We can have a say in which new professors should work at our university and which improvements should be made to everyday university life. Numerous trial lectures and evaluations are carried out for this purpose. With the help of the course speakers, we ensure a better flow of information within the degree programs and courses and greater transparency.

We are also responsible for merchandising and the lockers at Karlshochschule. To make everyday study life easier and more enjoyable, we make sure that our students can store their valuables and study materials well.

We also help organize the orientation week for new students at the beginning of the winter semester to ensure an optimal start to university life. We also regularly organize events, study trips and lectures.

Do you have any ideas on how we can further improve the Karls? Would you like to rent a locker? Get in touch with us or stand for the next election! We are here to represent your interests.

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