Application & admission: Master’s degree programs

I take the next step.

Equal opportunities are a top priority for us! No matter where you come from or what you have done so far, we treat every single applicant equally. Without exception!

We are also no fans of mere numbers. Our quality standards are high, but we don’t have an N.C. Nor do we require a GMAT. We are looking for motivated, committed and open-minded people. People who want to make a difference!

Accordingly, the admission process is designed to give us as comprehensive a picture of you as possible:

Step 1 is your written application, in which we take into account everything you have done so far – for example, your Bachelor’s degree, your work experience, your social commitment and your motivation to come to Karls.

Step 2: If your documents are assessed positively, we will invite you to a 30-minute individual selection interview (colloquium). This takes place in English in person at our office in Karlsruhe or via Microsoft Teams.

If the colloquium goes as we hope it will, it will be an inspiring conversation between you and members of our team, during which we will always intersperse small tasks for you. This gives us the chance to get to know you better as a person, and of course you get to know us too.

And of course we won’t leave you hanging in the air for long afterwards. Only shortly after the colloquium will you receive qualitative feedback and our decision as to whether you will be admitted to the Master’s program at the Karls.

Master's degree programs - Application & admission

Elisabeth Vielhaber, Management (M.A.)

The Master’s at Karls is an open space for everyone who wishes to try something new. There are a lot of things going on in the classrooms, but also in-between and beyond. It’s truly impressive!

Elisabeth Vielhaber, Management (M.A.)

Admission requirements

Suitability and previous education

Our Master’s degree programs are open to students who

  • a three-year or longer course of study in business administration or economics at a university or university of applied sciences or vocational academy (recognized standard course of study) or
  • a three-year or longer course of study in related fields of study at a university or university of applied sciences or vocational academy (recognized standard course of study)

have completed.

Related fields of study can be pretty much any field from law, social and cultural sciences, to the humanities in general, linguistics or geography, psychology or philosophy, even to technological topics and natural sciences.

The only prerequisite is that you have already acquired at least 30 ECTS in relevant management fields (applies to the Master’s in Management) or in political and social sciences, economics, philosophy or related fields (applies to the Master’s in Social Transformation). We also take practical experience into account as part of an equivalence check.

Please note: If you have not gained sufficient experience in the necessary areas through your studies or practical experience, you can still overcome this hurdle by taking our PreMaster’s course! You can find more information here.

Knowledge of English

For our Master’s programs, your English language skills at level C1 must be proven by an IELTS certificate (min. 6.5 overall score), a TOEFL certificate (min. 100 points), or the ISE III from Trinity College London.

The recognition of other certificates is also possible – please contact the Admissions Service. Native English speakers and people who have completed their entire school/university education in English do not need to provide proof of a certificate. However, proof of the previous language of instruction may be required.”

Nur Bayraktepe, Management (M.A.)

Studying the Master Management at the Karls is a unique opportunity to expand your horizon and to unveil your own potential in a system where your ideas are always taken seriously and supported.

Nur Bayraktepe, Management (M.A.)

Application deadlines & documents

Application deadlines

  • Are you from an EU country?
    Then the application deadline for you is September 1.
  • Are you from outside the EU but already have an existing visa for Germany?
    Even then, the application deadline for you is July 15 (thereafter only by individual arrangement).
  • Are you from outside the EU and do not yet have an existing visa for Germany?
    Then the application deadline for you is July 15* (thereafter depending on the visa process in your home country).

*Exceptions may be made for applicants from countries that do not require a short-term visa for Germany:
Albania, Andorra, Australia, Brazil, Canada, El Salvador, Honduras, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, San Marino, Switzerland, USA, etc. Please contact our Student Admissions Service in your specific case.

However, to ensure a relaxed application process, we recommend that you apply as early as possible, as the number of study places is limited.

Please note: You can find relevant information about the PreMaster here.

Application documents

In the online application, you must upload the following documents in English:

  • Letter of motivation (1 to 2 pages).
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Copies of the Bachelor’s degree certificate and the final transcript (can also be submitted in German)
  • Abstract of the bachelor thesis
  • University entrance qualification (Abitur certificate or equivalent educational qualification; also possible in German)
  • Proof of your English language skills (see above)
  • Copy of your identity card or passport
  • Passport photo
  • Other certificates (e.g. internships, work references, social commitment, etc.; also possible in German)

Important: Your application will only be checked once it is complete!

Further information:

Our Student Admissions Service will answer any further questions you may have about the Master’s program.