Business Psychology (B.A.) | Market and Consumer Psychology

Bachelor’s degree program in accreditation

You believe that the focus is on people and want to learn more about how people perceive themselves and the world around them, how they behave, interact and change the world – without focusing on psychological therapy. You are particularly fascinated by how markets work: Why do people choose certain brands and products, how does advertising shape us as people? That’s why you want to acquire practical skills in management, consumer research and psychology. These skills will open up many perspectives for you in advising people, but also in understanding markets and consumers.

The program focuses on psychological traditions rooted in the humanities and social sciences, with a strong emphasis on interpretive and qualitative methods. It follows an interpretative approach that combines management and selected areas of psychology. The program combines analytical skills, reflective potential and applied skills. During a semester abroad, you can deepen your skills at one of our partner universities.

  • Business psychologist
  • Market researcher
  • HR Consultant / HR Specialist
  • Business coach

Head of degree program


Business Psychology (B.A.) | Market and Consumer Psychology- Everything at a glance

Application deadline

EU: Sept. 1, non-EU: July 15 or later, depending on the visa process of the home country

Start of studies

End of September

Duration of study

6 semesters

Tuition fee

EU: 790 € / month
Non-EU: 1090 € / month

ECTS points


Teaching language

English + other language courses


Company projects, practical semester and semester abroad


Mondays to Fridays (and block seminars)