Social transformation

I imagine that change is lived here.

I have a university in mind that is not just a charitable foundation on paper, but is actually active in and for society. That is why Karlshochschule International University uses its knowledge and energy to change and shape society for the better. Karlshochschule seeks contact with the most diverse social groups and invents itself as a forum of ideas where intellectuals, entrepreneurs, politicians and citizens can meet and exchange ideas on an equal footing. The commitment of our professors and students knows no bounds and has an impact all over the world via Karlsruhe.

I am thinking of a university for which change is not just a meaningless buzzword, but a concrete mission. It addresses civil society issues and assumes that the pressing questions of the future are those that have received little attention in the past. It therefore focuses on sustainability, ethics, diversity, responsibility and the critical questioning of existing conditions.

It aims to be a platform and mouthpiece for all those topics, groups and societies whose voices are all too often ignored. It aims to produce graduates who transform the individual benefit calculation of traditional economic approaches into a common good-oriented approach to success.

It wants to train managers who can transform the problems of the present into an engine for the future, for example by using their expertise to drive forward the energy transition. And it also wants to have an impact on its immediate surroundings, for example by networking with the cultural and social institutions in the Karlsruhe region and campaigning on their behalf.

I imagine that Karlshochschule’s mission will be crowned with success because it can already be measured by the commitment of its students and graduates.