Student financing

Investing in the best there is: the future.

We are convinced that tuition fees are not a cost, but rather an investment in your future. We are happy to help you find a good way to finance your studies.

The monthly tuition fees are currently € 790 for EU students and € 1,090 for non-EU students. In addition, all students pay a one-off enrollment fee of € 500 after signing the contract and a current amount of € 67.70 per semester (as of 2024) to the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe in order to be able to fulfill social and cultural tasks for the benefit of students.
With your contribution, you have access to numerous services of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe, such as the Studierendenwerk’s halls of residence and accommodation service, cultural and sports facilities, and free use of the KVV public transport system after 6 p.m. and at weekends.

If you complete your studies within the standard period of study, your studies will cost you the total amount of money:

EU students:

IFY & Bachelor: € 790 / month + € 67.70 / semester + € 500. For 4 years: € 38,961.60
Bachelor: € 790 / month + € 67.70 / semester + € 500. For 3 years: € 29,346.20
PreMaster & Master: 12 x 395 € + 24 x 790 € + 67,70 € / semester + 500 €. For 2 years: € 24,470.80 or for 3 years: € 24,606.20 (depending on the model selected).
Master: 790 € / month + 67,70 € / semester. For 2 years: € 19,730.80

Non-EU students:

IFY & Bachelor: € 1,090 / month + € 67.70 / semester + € 500. For 4 years: € 53,361.60*
Bachelor: € 1,090 / month + € 67.70 / semester + € 500. For 3 years: € 40,146.20*
PreMaster & Master: 12 x 545 € + 24 x 1,090 € + 67.70 € / semester + 500 €. For 2 years: € 33,470.80* and for 3 years: € 33,606.20* (depending on the model selected).
Master: 1,090 € / month + 67.70 € / semester + 500 €. For 2 years: € 26,930.80*

* A deposit of € 7,107.70 (IFY, Bachelor and Master), € 10,377.70 (PreMaster with 2 years) and € 3,837.70 (PreMaster with 3 years) is payable upon conclusion of the contract. This deposit – minus the enrollment fee – will be deducted from the total cost of your studies.

You should also budget around € 700 – € 800 per month for living expenses and housing.

Public funding opportunities EU students

1 Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG)

Thanks to state funding, students at Karlshochschule are generally entitled to the Federal Training Assistance Act, or BAföG for short, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). You can download all the necessary forms at www.bafö You can also find the digital application here:

The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe is responsible for you:
Office for the Promotion of Education Karlsruhe Adenauerring 7, 76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 6909 177, e-mail:

2. Reverse intergenerational contract

Study first, pay later – this is possible with a so-called reverse intergenerational contract. We work together with two experienced and renowned cooperation partners in the field of student financing:

  • German education
    German education enables people with German Abitur to study: in addition to BaföG, as an alternative to loans and regardless of social background. Monthly payments and / or one-off payments allow you to concentrate fully on your studies. The accompanying Academy provides training and coaching for successful studies, career entry and the first years of professional life. According to the principle of a reverse generation contract, the later repayment depends on income and flows back into the financing of future students.
    Application all year round and without obligation at
  • Brain-Capital
    With the Karlshochschule Education Fund via Brain Capital, you have another option to finance your studies in full or in part and start repaying after graduation. The financing principle is also based on the model of the reverse intergenerational contract and is therefore comparable to that of German education.
    Further information and access to the applicant portal can be found at

3. Loans

Together with the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and the Federal Office of Administration, the BMBF grants the education loan. Another option for financing studies is the student loan granted by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). Both loans are granted independently of BAföG and income – primarily to Germans, Europeans and some other persons (depending on nationality). Always check the conditions of a loan, as other financing options may be more favorable.


In addition to financing your studies through public grants or loans, there are some public and private scholarships available. These include scholarships available through the federally funded “Begabtenförderungswerke.” However, many of these foundations have the same citizenship and residence requirements specified by BAföG, and are therefore restricted to Germany and EU/EEA students. Some of them have special programs for international students, though!
View more information on this: BMBF and DAAD

Private and public organizations in your home country may also provide scholarships to study internationally. We recommend that you research this in your home country as well.

For U.S. Veterans

Students in the International Relations and Politics, Philosophy & Economics programs who are generally eligible for funding from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs may be able to finance their studies through the GI Bill. Please contact the Admissions Service for more information.

Student Jobs

In addition, there are many possibilities to get a student job in Karlsruhe. It may be difficult, though, as long as don’t speak
enough German. So you better count on this only from your 2nd year of study onwards. Also the Karlshochschule itself offers a limited number of jobs (library, marketing, service desk, assistants for professors). The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe (student union) has a job board for student jobs that can be very helpful.

More information

Useful information and hints on studying in Germany and financing possibilities also offers the website Study-in-Germany by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.