Digital Management (B.A.)

Bachelor’s degree program

You believe that digitalization is the most important challenge of our time. It is changing the way markets function, how we communicate, how we organize our work and how we live together in our society. You are interested in getting to know the mechanisms of this “world of algorithms”: How does coding work? What is a network economy? How can artificial intelligence be used in our business world? Through these ‘Rules and Tools’ you will learn to transform companies, but also to discuss the need for ethical reflection and the definition of new data protection rules and market regulations.

The focus of the course is on management and transformation skills combined with various interdisciplinary perspectives on digitalization. These include approaches from economics, media studies, marketing, human resources and psychology. Although it is not a technology-based degree program, it provides insights into the technological infrastructure and management implications of digital technology. There is a strong focus on applied skills such as advising companies and coaching teams, but also on reflective and ethical reflection on the social and ethical challenges of digitalization. During a semester abroad, you can deepen your skills at one of our partner universities.

Career Opportunities

  • Consultant for digital transformation
  • Change Manager
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Digital entrepreneur
  • Business model developer
  • Policy Officer for Artificial Intelligence
  • Project manager

Contact person

Prof. Dr. Dr. Björn Bohnenkamp

Digital management – everything at a glance

Application deadline

EU: Sept. 1, non-EU: July 15 or later, depending on the visa process of the home country

Start of studies

End of September

Duration of study

6 semesters

Tuition fee

EU: 790 € / month
Non-EU: 1090 € / month

ECTS points


Teaching language

English + other language courses


Company projects, practical semester and semester abroad


Mondays to Fridays (and block seminars)

Study structure: Digital Management

Every module on the bachelor’s degree program in Digital Management at Karlshochschule opens up a new and exciting world for me. When I look at the module overview, I also discover how the content of my degree program is meaningfully interlinked and how Digital Management is thus revealed to me as a whole.

Digital Management – Structure first year – 60 ECTS

  • 6 ECTS – The World of Algorithms: History, Technology & Practices
  • 5 ECTS – Organizational Environment
  • 6 ECTS – Introduction to Management
  • 5 ECTS – Responsible Practices
  • 8 ECTS – Introduction to Scientific Research Methods
  • 4 ECTS – English / German as a Foreign Language 1.1
  • 6 ECTS – Digital Markets: Psychology, Technology & Culture
  • 6 ECTS – Digital Managerial Practices
  • 5 ECTS – Strategy as Theory and Practice
  • 5 ECTS – Community Project
  • 4 ECTS – English / German as a Foreign Language 1.2

Digital Management – second year – 60 ECTS

  • 6 ECTS – Digitalization: Ethics & Regulation
  • 6 ECTS – Area Studies
  • 6 ECTS – Resources: Financial Resources, Human Resources, Organization
  • 6 ECTS – Introductory Company and Consulting Project
  • 6 ECTS – Foreign Language 2.1
  • 6 ECTS – Counseling and Transforming Teams: The Cases of Digitalization & Diverstity
  • 6 ECTS – Change & Learning
  • 6 ECTS – Controlling, Accounting & Reporting
  • 6 ECTS – Enhanced Company and Consulting Project
  • 6 ECTS – Foreign Language 2.2 or Host Language

Digital Management – third year – 60 ECTS

  • 6 ECTS – Current Issues in Digital Transformation
  • 6 ECTS – Media (and/or) Technology Studies Elective
  • 6 ECTS – Management Elective
  • 6 ECTS – International Project
  • 6 ECTS – Elective: Culture & Language Foreign Lg. / Host Language
  • 18 ECTS – Internship Project
  • 12 ECTS – Bachelor Thesis incl. its Defense