Internships & practical projects

Practical studies

At Karlshochschule, students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned directly in practice. From the very first semester, students can get in touch with business and culture and learn from lecturers with practical experience.

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Business projects at Karlshochschule International University

The steadily increasing practical component over the course of the degree program enables students to develop their skills in the context of real experience. From the second semester onwards, project phases are introduced in which students gain in-depth insights into companies and non-profit organizations and gain valuable experience that they can use later in their careers.

Community projects

In all Bachelor’s degree programs, students carry out so-called community projects. This involves “service-learning” – an educational method that combines academic learning with community service by giving students practical experience in real social or non-profit organizations. This form of learning enables students to apply theoretical concepts from the classroom in practice while making a positive contribution to society. This not only deepens the understanding of the topics covered, but also promotes social responsibility and develops important practical skills such as teamwork and communication.

Corporate projects

In the management-oriented degree courses, there are also real company projects in which students can work on and drive forward practical issues such as strategy analyses or social media campaigns as part of a team.

Students describe the project phases at Karlshochschule as one of the most intensive and valuable parts of their studies. During this time, the university is transformed into an ideas factory in which various groups of students give their all to inspire the client. Lecture rooms are emptied, projectors and metaplan boards are set up and everything is dedicated to the project, as the result is presented to the customer and the professors at the end.

To support the students in this process, Karlshochschule provides all groups with coaches from different areas. This means that students always have access to advice and knowledge that is useful for their project and can further develop their skills and competencies in a practical environment.

Practical semester

At the end of my studies, I then go into the practical semester: three to six months in which students can show what they can do under real conditions. This is the best springboard into professional life and also a good source for the topic of my Bachelor’s thesis.