Introduction of an interdisciplinary and collaborative model

Development of centers for joint value creation between universities and companies to promote entrepreneurial education in Europe

2022 – 2024
Nr°: 2022-1-DE01-KA220-HED-000085694
Total funding: € 250,000

ENTREHUBS is a project within the framework of Partnerships for Cooperation in Higher Education (KA220), which is co-financed by the European Union with a total grant of €250,000 and is part of the Erasmus+ program . The action enables participating organizations based in an EU Member State or a third country associated to the programme to gain experience in international cooperation and strengthen their capacities, but also to achieve high-quality innovative results.

ENTREHUBS aims to promote entrepreneurship education in European universities, especially in departments outside traditional business schools and economics faculties, by introducing an interdisciplinary and collaborative model based on the value-based creation process . This process promotes the creation of close links between science and business and the development of entrepreneurial behavior and skills.

The aim is to equip lecturers from various disciplines with the skills to teach entrepreneurial thinking and action and to apply entrepreneurial methods in their courses. Ultimately, students should develop an entrepreneurial and proactive mindset and skills that enable them to turn their ideas into value for others.


Coordinator: Karlshochschule International University

Partners: Stimmuli for social change (non-profit organization, Greece), University of Macedonia (Greece), Buyuk Ortadogu Saglik Ve Egitim Vakfi (umbrella structure for education providers, Turkey); Research and Education of Social Empowerment and Transformation-RESET ltd (research institute, Cyprus); University of Cyprus

Karlshochschule’s role in this project is to coordinate the partnership and contribute its didactic approach to transdisciplinary teaching and its research approach to rethinking existing theories. In this sense, Karls sees entrepreneurship as an individual’s ability to make plans, take action, be creative, solve problems, deal with setbacks and be independent. In addition, Karls is responsible for designing an online summer school in 2024 that will provide an intensive and stimulating learning experience for students. The learners will deal with value creation projects and will be supported online by entrepreneurs in their implementation.

Our motivation to coordinate this KA220 project coincides with our desire to combine theoretical and practical knowledge, as a rethink in society or in management requires entrepreneurial commitment beyond the classic business start-up. Furthermore, we are convinced that international cooperation will enrich our range of courses and that the training modules created will be integrated into several of our degree programs.

Project results

Entrehub’s Educational Toolbox is a pedagogical framework that enables the embedding of entrepreneurship education in higher education institutions by utilizing the process of co-creation of value.

Entrehubs Training Program contains a toolkit for the design and delivery of entrepreneurship education programs using the value chain approach.

Entrehubs Online Summer School will offer mini-courses to give students and faculty the opportunity to engage and share their knowledge about entrepreneurship education.

Contact us

Coordinator: Lisa Wiedemann: lwiedemann@karlshochschule.org

Principal Investigator: Robert Lepenies: rlepenies@karlshochschule.org

Further information about the project can be found at: https://www.entrehubs.com

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