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I imagine this network spans the whole world.

The excellent international network is one of Karlshochschule’s greatest advantages. She is a member of Businet, ATLAS network, NAFSA, EAIE and participates in ERASMUS+ (D KARLSRU08). Karlshochschule maintains excellent relationships with universities and institutions around the world. These partnerships include the exchange of students and lecturers, joint projects and the regular exchange of information. To date, over 114 agreements have been concluded with universities from all over the world. When selecting its partners, Karlshochschule pays particular attention to comparable courses and semester times. Since a semester abroad is firmly integrated into all Bachelor’s degree programs and the vast majority of agreements provide for student exchanges, Karlshochschule’s internationality is also visible on its own campus and is actively practiced by its students, lecturers and administrative staff.

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