Karlsruhe “Climathon” – Making Karlsruhe a bit greener – We are part of it!


Organized by the “Impact Hub“, the meeting took place on 27. and October 28, 2023 in the Triangel on Kronenplatz under the patronage of Mayor Bettina Lisbach 5 groups, including students from Karlshochschule.

Our students are participating with the plan of a sustainability rally, in which the participants should get to know the most sustainable businesses in Karlsruhe.

Supported and accompanied by the neighborhood manager and the staff of the Impact Hub, we are looking forward to contributing ideas for a redesign in the heart of the city. Karlshochschule is known for integrating practice-oriented projects into the curriculum. These projects range from collaborations with local businesses to community initiatives that offer students experience and the opportunity to effect real transformative change in society, more on UPROs or student engagement in the respective link.

The participation of our students is already a tradition, they have been successfully participating since 2022 – great!

You can find the complete article from 30.10.2023 in the daily newspaper “BNN” here