“Utopiefähigkeit – Dr. Alexander Neupert-Doppler holds workshop for the Federal Committee for Political Education on 28.02.2024”.


Dr. Alexander Neupert-Doppler has been working at Karlshochschule International University since February 2024 in the DFG project ‘Dialectics of the Pandemic – Between Authoritarianism and Utopia?”
“Utopia is in demand, also in political education”.

As a philosopher and political scientist, Neupert-Doppler has long been concerned with the subject of utopias. He is of the opinion that the loss of utopia in times of crisis in particular reveals the relevance of utopias for society and political education. What are potential elements of utopia skills and what could utopia didactics in political education look like in order to teach utopia competence(s)?

The workshop will be organized on 28.02.2024 by the Federal Committee for Political Education and the Federal Agency for Civic Education. Registrations are still possible.

Further information on the event can be found here:
Back to the future! How the capacity for utopia can counter hopelessness